Research courses

No Course Title
1 Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases in Epidemiology using R
2 Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
3 Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using Stata
4 Analysis of Qualitative Data using NVivo
5 Analysis of Qualitative Data using QDA Miner
6 Data Analysis, Visualizing and Results Reporting Using Power BI
7 Data Collection and Processing using CSPro
8 Data Collection, Analysis and Visualization using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGIS
9 Discrete Choice Modeling Training through Theory and Practice
10 Effective Communication of Research Findings with Users of Knowledge for Impact
11 Effective Data Collection, Management and Visualization
12 Epidemiology and Bio-statistics using Stata
13 Information and Documentation Compliance
14 Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of Technologies
15 Mixed Method Research Design, Data Collection Using ODK, GIS Mapping, Data Analysis Using Nvivo and Stata
16 Panel and Time Series Data Analysis Using Stata
17 Postgraduate Proposal and Thesis development mentorship course
18 Processing and Analyzing Survey and Assessment Data using SPSS, Stata and Microsoft Excel
19 Research Design, Data Management and Statistical Analysis using SPSS
20 Research Design, Data Management and Statistical Analysis using STATA
21 Research Designing and Data Analysis for Informed Decision Making
22 Research Methodology, Data Management, Analysis and Reporting using SPSS
23 Scientific Writing: Preparing a Manuscript for Publication in High Impact Journals
24 Statistical Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel

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