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23/09/2024 To 27/09/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi
09/12/2024 To 13/12/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi


Joomla is the world's most popular open source Content Management System for the rapid development of professional and dynamic websites. Joomla makes it easy for non-technical people to develop and maintain websites without requiring programming, HTML or CSS knowledge. You will receive the Joomla software on the course. The Joomla course is a practical hands-on course with participants developing a fully-fledged website over 2 days. Participants leave the course with the skills and knowledge to build or maintain their Joomla websites. This course assumes that participants start by having no Joomla or web design experience or knowledge. Participants must have access to a laptop which will need to be prepared before the course starts. Instructions will be provided.



5 Days



Module 1:

An Overview of Open Source Software

        What is Open Source Software?

        Platforms for Open Source Software

        About Linux


Website Design Planning Steps

        Mapping Website Goals

        Conducting Brainstorming

        Creating a Sitemap

        Developing a Wireframe

        Designing a Mockup

        Producing Content

        Selecting a Template

        Building/Designing the Website


An Overview of Joomla

        What is Joomla?

        Features of Joomla

        Joomla Website Examples


Setting up a Localhost

        Understanding WampServer

        Installing WampServer

        Configuring the php.ini File


Installing and Configuring Joomla

        Creating a Website Folder

        Copying the Joomla Files

        Configuring the Joomla Web Installer


Module 2:

The Joomla Interface

        Understanding the Frontend and Backend of Joomla

        Login as a Super User

        The Joomla Control Panel


Creating Content

        Installing the Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

        Resetting Editor Styling

        Changing the Default Editor to JCE

        Uploading Images and Files Using Media Manager

        Creating Categories

        Creating Categorised and Uncategorised Articles

        Inserting Images Into Articles

        Adding the Read More Option to Articles


Article Management

        Understanding the Importance of the Article Alias

        Deleting an Article

        Recovering a Deleted Article(s)

        Filtering and Sorting Articles

        Featuring Articles to Appear on Home Page

        Viewing the Website Frontend

        Hiding Certain Elements from the Article Layout

        Changing the Layout of Featured Articles

        Viewing the Featured Article Manager


Changing Article Backgrounds

        Inserting a Background Image Into an Article

        Inserting a Background Colour Into an Article

        Removing a Background Image or Colour


Splitting Up Long Articles

        Creating a Table of Contents

        Inserting Sliders

        Inserting Tabs


Module 3:

Creating Hyperlinks

        Inserting a Hyperlink to Download PDFs

        Inserting a Hyperlink to an Internal Web Page

        Inserting a Hyperlink to an External Website


Adding Menu Items

        Creating a Category Blog Menu Item

        Creating a Category List Menu Item

        Creating a Single Article Menu Item

        Ordering the Menu Items


Adding Contacts

        Creating Categories

        Creating Contacts

        Adding a Contacts Menu Item

        Configuring the Layout


Understanding and Using Module Positions

        Understanding Modules?

        Enabling Viewing Module Positions

        Changing Module Positions of Items

        Adding a Search Module

        Adding a Custom HTML Module

        Module Appearance on Certain Pages


Creating Additional Menus

        Creating the Menu

        Creating Menu Items for the Menu

        Placing the Menu in a Module Position

        Creating a Flyout/Dropdown Menu


Module 4:

Using Templates

        Viewing Joomla Templates

        Types of Templates

        Default Joomla Templates

        Changing the Default Template

        Installing a Template

        Uninstalling a Template

        Changing Template Header/Logo Using a Module Position

        Changing the Background of a Template

        Responsive Templates

        Template Frameworks


Adding a Header Rotator/Slider

        Creating a Folder for the Images

        Uploading the Images

        Installing a Module

        Configuring the Module


Adding Social Media Buttons

        Installing the Modules

        Configuring the Modules


Adding a Google Map

        Installing and Configuring the Component

        Obtaining the Coordinates

        Creating a Menu Item


Backing Up Your Website

        About Akeeba Backup

        Installing Akeeba Backup

        Running the Configuration Wizard

        Creating a Backup

        Viewing the Backup

        Downloading the Backup


Module 5:

Making a Website Live (Demonstration)

        Creating a Website Backup Using Akeeba Backup

        Logging Into the Control Panel

        Creating a Database, User, and Password Using MySQL

        Uploading the Necessary Files

        Restoring the Backup File


Visiting the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED)

        Extension Demos

        Free vs Paid

        Joomla Versions for Extensions

        Identifying What to Download


Steps for Registering a Domain/Web Address

        Difference Between Registering a Domain and Hosting a Domain

        Registering a Domain/Web Address

        How to Transfer a Domain/Website


Requirements for Joomla Hosting

        Different Types of Hosting

        PHP Version Required

        Number of Databases

        Choice of Control Panel

        Disk Space

        Ideal Operating System for Hosting


Additional tips

        Using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Program

        Inserting a Google Map Into an Article

        Changing Global Configuration Settings

        Inserting Rollover Images

        Inserting a Quick Contact Form On Your Website

        Copying a Website From One Computer (Localhost) to Another Computer (Localhost)

        Installing Joomla on a Live Server






This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can also have it delivered your preferred location.

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Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.  During the trainings, participants should come with their own laptops.



The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.



Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact us through Mobile: +254 732 776 700 or Email:



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        Changes will become effective on the date of written confirmation being received.






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