Training Course on Report Writing Skills
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02/09/2024 To 06/09/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi
02/12/2024 To 06/12/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi


Good reports are inevitable in any successful organization. High quality reports often form the basis of sound decision making within an organization. Report writing is a skill that can be learned. This course takes you through every stage from planning and structuring through to writing and presenting a report. At the end of the training, participants will become confident report writers.



5 days



This course is suitable for anybody that either anticipates having to write reports in the future, or is already having to produce reports and is looking to improve.



Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • To competently use proven report-writing techniques
  • To come up with well-structured reports
  • To come up with logically flowing and professional looking reports
  • Gain key skills on how to make the reports easier to read and understand
  • To make essential parts of the report stand out
  • Make it easy for readers to navigate around the report



Module 1:

Introduction to report writing

  • Defining a report
  • Importance of a report
  • Why are some reports ineffective?
  • Basic principles of report writing
  • Structure of business reports


Classification of reports

  • Informal and Formal reports
  • Examples of informal and formal reports

Module 2:

Planning for report writing

  • Submitting the report
  • Using the checklist to appraise and edit the report
  • Writing the report
  • Arriving at a conclusion, with a call to action
  • Analysing the data and information
  • Obtaining or producing the data
  • Creating the structure of the report
  • Visualising who the reader will be
  • Fully understanding the brief


Logical structure

  • Structuring for logical flow
  • Organizing ideas
  • Balance and emphasis
  • Planning the content


Practice on writing the report

  • Accuracy, brevity and clarity
  • Tabular and graphic presentations
  • Editing the report


Module 3:

Guiding the reader

  • Constructing titles, headings and subheadings
  • Producing effective lists
  • Using visual aids and examples


Language choice

  • Using plain English
  • Being clear and concise
  • Writing accurately
  • Avoiding the passive voice


Module 4: 

A Checklist for Successful Reports

  • Proof read the report before submitting
  • Making a report jargon free
  • Checking if the content relate to the stated objectives
  • Checking if graphs and tables are well explained
  • Checking if everything is correctly and clearly labelled
  • Checking if the materials are presented in relevant and logical sections
  • Checking if the report answer the needs of the reader
  • Checking if the report answer the original brief


Module 5:

Finishing techniques

  • Professional presentation
  • Using a consistent format, style, layout
  • Writing an executive summary
  • Reproduction
  • Distribution and presentation





This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can also have it delivered your preferred location. For further inquiries, please contact us through Mobile: +254 732 776 700 or +254 759 285 295. You can also email us on:



Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.  During the trainings, participants should come with their own laptops.



The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.



Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact us through Mobile: +254 732 776 700/+254 759 285 295 or Email:



Payment should be transferred to FineResults Research Limited bank before commencement of training. Send proof of payment through the email:



  • All requests for cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Changes will become effective on the date of written confirmation being received.





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