Microsoft Excel Skills for Finance Data Management and Analysis

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23/09/2024 To 27/09/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi
09/12/2024 To 13/12/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi


Microsoft Excel has powerful business analysis capabilities and dynamic reporting features that provide managers and business owners with the information and insights instantly. This course is will equip the participants with skills for retrieving data from Excel, analyzing the data, making budgets, P&L, sales reports and other business report (statutory or otherwise). Participants will also be trained on how to make dynamic dashboards that can be used to display the information using interactive charts and reports. Participants will also be equipped with necessary skills in interpreting various Microsoft Excel reports/outputs in key business decision-making and planning. Effort will be made to illustrate how to make use of Microsoft Excel data analysis functions and the program analysis toolpak.



5 days



By the end of this course, participants will be able to know:

  • Gain enhanced spreadsheets data skills: creating templates, charts, graphics and formulas for business and operational work.
  • How to calculate with advanced functions & formulas, create interactive charts using Excel
  • How to analyze data using Pivot Charts. insert graphic objects and quickly transform business data into informative reports using PivotTables
  • How to use business dashboards to compare multiple business elements in one screen
  • How to generate management and weekly reports quickly and accurately
  • How to use Microsoft Excel analysis toolpak.



Module 1:

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction, Outline & Objectives
  • Functions and Formulae
  • Entering and Copying Formulae
  • Creating Formulas using Names
  • Managing Names using, Name Manager
  • Searching for Functions
  • Naming Ranges
  • Creating Named Ranges
  • Using Names in Movement
  • Inserting Names in Formulae
  • Formatting
  • Number Formatting
  • Cell Styles
  • Copying and Clearing formatting


Module 2:

Calculating with Formulas and Functions

  • Use Date and Time Functions
  • Use Statistical Functions
  • Use Database Functions
  • Use Lookup Functions
  • Use Logical Functions


Module 3:

Visualizing Data with Charts

  • Use Recommended Charts Tool
  • Create Chart with Quick Analysis
  • Align Chart Axis Labels
  • Display Value Axis in Millions
  • Create Chart with Multi Line Labels
  • Create Combo Chart
  • Create Chart Template for Sharing
  • Build Dynamic Chart with Table


Module 4:

Analyzing Data with Tables and Importing External Data Sources


  • Create Table with Quick Analysis
  • Remove Duplicate Records
  • Add Total Row to Table
  • Insert Calculated Columns
  • Filter Table Data with Custom Filter
  • Use Slicer to Filter Data
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Sort and Filter Data by Color
  • Create In-Cell Chart with Sparklines



  • Overview of PivotTable & PivotChart
  • Create PivotTable from Table
  • Change Report Layouts
  • Show and Hide Report Totals
  • Create Custom Calculations
  • Filter Pivot Data with Slicer and Timeline
  • Group Fields in a PivotTable
  • Create Calculated Fields in PivotTable


Importing External Data Sources

  • Import Data from Text Files
  • Create PivotTable from Microsoft Access
  • Create PivotChart from Microsoft Access
  • Manage Data Connections


Module 5:

Creating Dashboard Report

  • Overview of Dashboard
  • Create PivotTable and PivotChart
  • Hide Field Buttons from PivotChart
  • Use Slicer to Connect PivotTables
  • Build a Slicer Dashboard Report


Other Tips and Tools

  • Flash Fill
  • Quick Analysis
  • Slicer to Filter Excel Table
  • Timeline to Filter PivotTable
  • Connecting Multiple PivotTables
  • Sparklines







This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can also have it delivered your preferred location.

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Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.  During the trainings, participants should come with their own laptops.



The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.



Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact us through Mobile: +254732776700

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  • All requests for cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Changes will become effective on the date of written confirmation being received.




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