Management Skills for Community Development Projects
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12/08/2024 To 16/08/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi
11/11/2024 To 15/11/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi


Many Community Development projects and initiatives fail not because of a lack of effort or intention on the part of those involved, but because of a deficiency in skills and understanding relating to the diverse roles and responsibilities required of project managers and over-seers. To maximise the likelihood of success therefore, those with responsibility for community development initiatives require theoretical and practical capacity in project planning, management and evaluation. The skills involved in effective communication with stakeholders, regulatory bodies and various levels of government; financial planning and management; and foreseeing and addressing complex problems and barriers, are particularly important.



5 Days



On completion of this course participants will have provided evidence that they have:

·                   Understood and analyzed a number of different types of community development organizations and approaches to project management;

·                   Developed and evaluated a comprehensive plan relating to an actual community development project;

·                   Applied important ethical and Christian worldview-based values and principles to community development project management;

·                   Utilized the skills and principles of reflective practice to help ensure ongoing professional growth and development relating to project management and associated activities;

·                   Written at an appropriate tertiary standard with special attention to correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, usage, sentence structure, logical relations, style, referencing and presentation.



The following topics would be covered in this course:

1.                 Common characteristics of community development organizations

2.               Types of community development organizations and how they are structured

3.                How community development and Christian worldview values and principles undergird community development project management

4.               Characterizing community development organization and projects – customers, products and services, location, delivery, time-frame

5.                Understanding the external environment – Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal requirements (PESTEL)

6.                Understanding the internal environment (Porter’s Five Forces)

7.                External competition – threats and opportunities

8.               Organizational structure, management of the business, governance

9.                Financial matters – Grants and funding

10.           Financial matters – Planning, accounting and reporting

11.             Human resources – staff and volunteers

12.            Logistical issues

13.            Planning for the future – the principles and skills of reflective practice




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