Information and Documentation Compliance
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29/07/2024 To 02/08/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi
28/10/2024 To 01/11/2024 1,000 USD, 90,000 Ksh Nairobi


The significance of accurate documentation of information, management and storage including organization documents which are either in paper form or in electronic form enhance safety of information and easy retrieval of the documents when they are needed and therefore saving time that can be used to improve the productivity in the work place. Moreover, proper record storage results in required compliance and governance. At the end of this course participants are expected to gain knowledge on digital information management, manage both paper and digital documents and records effectively throughout the record lifecycle, understand information and documentation compliance, enterprise content management, information-related regulations, standards and best practice and its successful implementation.



5 Days



This course targets records managers, Information Technology (IT) Managers, users of document and records management, archivists, secretaries and any other person in charge of records keeping and management in an organization.



By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn components, legal obligations and international standards for electronic documents and records management systems (EDRMS)
  • Understand Magement of electronic information
  • Learn and understand record processing and archiving
  • Implement a record management system
  • Learn the best  record management practices
  • Understand monitoring and controlling of a record management system
  • Learn on setting up access controls and security procedures
  • Learn how to implement legislation, standards, and regulation



Module 1: Records Management Fundamentals

  • Introduction to different types of records
  • Sources and uses of records and information
  • Records content context and structure
  • Document and records lifecycle
  • Record management
  • Records management regulatory environment
  • Record management system characteristics
  • Record management system components
  • Policies and standards in record keeping


Module 2: Record Management Processes

  • Identification of documents to be captured as records
  • Record life cycle management best practices

                 Capture of records

                 Registration of records

                 Classification of records

                 Storage of records

                 Access to records

                 Tracking of records

  • Records disposal implementation
  • Records management process documentation


Module 3:

Records Control

  • Records Metadata schema
  • Business classification schemes
  • Permission and access rules
  • Disposition authorities


Records Management Policy

  • Records management policy objectives
  • Responsibilities  of Record management
  • Record management policy Key provisions
  • Training and Competence


Module 4:

Protecting Vital Records

  • Potential hazards assessment
  • Policy and procedures that protect important documents
  • Methods of protecting records
  • Vital documents protection plan implementation


Monitoring and Auditing of Records Management System

  • Undertaking regular management policy, plan, system and guidelines reviews of records
  • Compliance to records management guidelines monitoring
  • Records management policy changes


Visit to an organization to learn how they manage their documents and records


Module 5: Electronic Records Management and Records Management Standards

  • Electronic records types
  • Introducing Electronic Records Management
  • ERM management challenges
  • Electronic Recordkeeping System (ERKS)
  • Implementation issues of ERM and ERKS





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Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.  During the trainings, participants should come with their own laptops.



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