Agricultural courses

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1 Agricultural Policy Framework for Development Course
2 Agricultural Value Chain Development and Market Linkages
3 Agriculture Best Extension Practices
4 Agriculture, Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development
5 Agro Entrepreneurship & Market Facilitation
6 Biopesticide for healthy and sustainable crop production
7 Causes and Minimization of Post-Harvest Losses
8 Climate Change Adaptation in a Changing Environment
9 Climate Change Risk Management in Building Resilience to Mitigate Effects of Climate Change
10 Climate Smart Agriculture to Build Resilience in Mitigating Effects of Climate Change
11 Crop Biotechnology for Food Security and Nutrition
12 Dairy cow feeding and management for improved milk quantity and enhanced milk quality
13 Dairy Value Addition for Food Security
14 Data Management, Analysis and Visualization for Agriculture, and Rural Development Programmes
15 Enhancing Economic opportunities for resilient pastoral livelihoods
16 Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Agribusiness
17 Establishing and Strengthening Farmer Organizations
18 Evaluation of Agribusiness Firms for risk management and Potential for Financial Lending
19 Feeds formulation and milling technology for increased milk quantity and quality
20 Fish farming for food security and improved livelihoods
21 Food and Nutrition Security Analysis
22 Food Security Analysis
23 Food Security Policies Formulation and Implementation
24 Gender Analysis and Integration in Agriculture
25 Gender and Social inclusion in Agriculture
26 Horticultural Crops Value Addition for Food Security
27 Integrated Soil Health and Fertility Management for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security
28 Livelihoods Assessment and Analysis
29 Mainstreaming Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices
30 Managing, Analysing and Interpreting M&E Data for Development Programmes in Agriculture
31 Micro Finance for Rural Development
32 Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO
33 Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture for food and nutrition security
34 Organic Farming for Nutritious and Healthy Food Crops Production
35 Poultry Farming for Food Security and Poverty Eradication
36 Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development
37 Resilient Livelihoods
38 Resilient Watershed Management (RWM)
39 Result-based Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Projects
40 Smallholder Producers Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED)
41 Sustainable Agriculture Course
42 Theory of Change in Agricultural Project Monitoring and Evaluation
43 Traceability and Phytosanitary Standards in Agriculture
44 Water Harvesting Techniques for Rural Development

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