Strategic Planning and Goal Setting for Competitive Position of the Organization

Course date:
16/05/2022 to 20/05/2022
5 Days
Course fee:
USD 800, KES 65,000


Strategic planning can be defined as a tool that is useful for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches when moving forward. It enables organizations to shape and guide their overall objectives as well as provides a sense of direction and outlines specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound goals. Organizations that adopt effective strategic planning has a competitive advantage over their counter parts which do not implement strategic planning. In this 5 days training, participants will gain the knowledge needed to formulate, execute and monitor the strategic planning for their organizations based on proven analytical techniques and models.



5 days



At the end of training participants will:

  • Gain understanding of the principles of strategic management
  • Be able to analyze an organization environment with basic tools
  • Identify competitive advantage when it exists
  • Formulate a basic strategy for the organizations
  • Understand the practical tools and techniques that are available and get practical experience of using them



  • Senior leaders and managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Board Level Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • All staffs involved in the Strategic Planning



Module 1: Preparing for the Strategic Planning Process for start-ups


  • Difference Between Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Planning
  • Setting the Parameters for the Strategic Planning Process
  • The Phases of the Strategic Planning Process
  • The Preliminary Planning Phase
  • Stakeholders
  • Gathering Operational Data


Module 2: Initiating the Strategic Planning Process

  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Developing a Vision Statement
  • Assessing Internal/External Environments for start-ups
  •  Performing SWOT/PEST Analysis for start-ups
  • Performing Quantitative strategy planning
  • Development of a business strategy and business plan

 Identifies the most important issues that the business needs to address

 Highlights the opportunities available

 Gives a clear set of priorities

  • Development of a scorecard or dashboard to report against the business plan


Module 3: Developing the Strategic Plan for start-ups

  • Strategic prioritization
  • Prioritizing What the Strategic Plan Will Address
  • Cause and Effect modelling
  • Performance measure design
  • Running a performance management system


Module 4: Drafting the Strategic Plan

  • Setting SMART Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Strategy for Achieving Goals
  • Using Planning Tools
  • Practical exercise in drafting strategic plan
  • Analyzing case studies


Module 5: Executing the Plan

  • Assigning Responsibility and Authority
  • Establishing a Monitoring and Control System
  • Use a portfolio of tools and techniques

 SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

 Strategic prioritisation

 Cause and Effect modelling

 Performance measure design

 Running a performance management system

  • Recap of the course





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Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.  During the trainings, participants should come with their own laptops.



The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.



Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact us through Mobile: +254 732 776 700/+254 759 285 295 or Email:



Payment should be transferred to FineResults Research Limited bank before commencement of training. Send proof of payment through the email:



  • All requests for cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Changes will become effective on the date of written confirmation being received.




Course Date:
16/05/2022 to 20/05/2022
5 Days
Course fee:
USD 800 , KES 65,000
Call us on +254 732 776 700/ +254 759 285 295
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