Research and Advisory Services

Research Designs

We are experts in the use of different research designs to answer research questions needed to solve existing problems in Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Marketing, Financial sector as well as Food Security and Livelihood field.

Our researchers have been involved in the design and analysis of over a hundred research projects in different parts of the world in Kenya and beyond. As a result, we have in-depth understanding of development issues and drivers of change affecting the continent

Evaluation Designs

We are experts in the use of experimental and non-experimental designs for evaluating the impact of interventions. We understand the science of intervention and provide support with designing and evaluating the impact of intervention programmes.

We ensure a rigorous design that will enhance research validity. We are experts in creating counterfactual groups at the design and/or analysis stage of evaluation research.

Research Surveys

We have conducted different types of research surveys ranging from surveys using small convenient samples to large national surveys using probabilistic sampling.

Our strongest points for research surveys are our expertise and experience in research designs and statistics, as well as our dedication to rigor. We start by ensuring that the research design can answer the research questions and ensure that validity is a key focus in the data collection and data analysis.

Research tool Development and Data collection

The quality of any research ultimately falls on the quality of the data collected. Using the highest quality standards, we develop research tools using Open Data Kit (ODK), Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro and google forms.

We specialize in collecting quality research data not only because we absolutely understand the value of quality data but also because we have access to a pool of data collectors who have tertiary qualification. We have strong quality assurance procedures for research fieldwork.

Research Databases

We design databases for clients who want to capture their data themselves. We use simple software like Microsoft Access, Epi-Info, Epi-Data and more advanced software depending on the size and needs of the project.

All databases can be customized to client’s needs – with range checks, skip patterns, etc. – in order to allow for accuracy and efficiency.

Data Capture

We provide data capture services for research. We produce excellent output in data capture. Our data capturers are trained and supervised. We also provide training for data capturers.

Data Analysis

Many organisations often have large amount of unanalysed data. Yet, data analysis and interpretation can significantly improve the quality of work done, service rendered and number of lives impacted. We primarily use SPSS, Stata, R, SAS and Ms- Excel for data analysis.

These are arguably the best software for data management and statistical analysis. We also have many years of experience in collecting and analysing qualitative data. We use Nvivo for qualitative data analysis.

Writing Research Outputs

Research output is an important component that can be used to assess the quality of research undertaken.

In this note, we offer services in writing quality research output that include project reports, blogs, policy briefs, evidence briefs and success stories (cases).

Solutions for development and economic growth

We believe that our Training and Research Solutions can re-energise organisations by creating vision, certainty and strategic intent.

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